la pensée sauvage - the savage pansy (flyingover) wrote,
la pensée sauvage - the savage pansy


I'm home. My phone was stolen and I got a parasite
and I recommend everyone go to South America as soon as possible.

In Peru I saw whole schools built and funded by a couple of Americans, or by a church youth group. And people in the towns there sit down at work. Sometimes they actually fall asleep. Sometimes they bring their parents or children to work with them.

We work so hard here and make so much money that we could fund massive life-changing projects in parts of Peru. Why don't we do it then? Moreover, why do we (have to) work so hard? Why do we (have to) sell ourselves the way only citizens of the first world have to?

I think I had a completely different experience from everyone else on the trip. Don't get me wrong, it was awesome. One day we went piranha fishing and then we went swimming. Another day I climbed a mountain and almost died. I think the wrong thing is coming across. It was, as they say, Amazing. I guess I was trying to communicate that it was mind-blowing; almost, at times, sublime.

But I kept wondering why the eco-lodges used Kleenex products. And I kept thinking about how hard we work.

Then I came home and started trying to figure out if I could take 7 classes.
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